#BigPinky's August Round-up

Oh where, oh where, will Big Pinky be? - Every Wednesday at Civic Center EATS - August 3: HRCA movie night in Highlands Ranch! - August 5: Swallow Hill Music with our friends from Food Truck Row - August 6: Tuscany Plaza, TAXI, Coheed & Cambria with Taking Back Sunday at Sculpture Park - August 7: Meridian, Summit, and FAST office buildings, Hyland Greens neighborhood - August 9: 900 S. Broadway, University Park neighborhood - August 10: Food Truck Rodeo in Aurora with Food Truck Row, HRCA movie night - August 15: Homestead Farms neighborhood - August 16: Weatherstone neighborhood - August 17: HRCA movie night - August 18: Village of Five Parks movie night in Arvada - August 20: Graebel and

She's the bombe dot com

An Ode to the Summer Bombe: Lemon Ice Pop, with your Raspberry ribbons Wrapped lovingly around Our world-famous Rose Gold: A strawberry ice cream, with a hint of rose White chocolate ganache, sprinkled in gold. Surprise! In the middle: sweet & southern style Peach Cobbler After August, I'll miss you so. She's not just a cake; she's the Bombe Dot Com. Ok, maybe I'm not a poet, but wowieeee, if you haven't tried these 3 sensational summer flavors yet, you should really consider picking up one of our seasonal bombes before August ends! In case my disorganized poem didn't convey the sweetness within: it's Lemon Ice Pop with Raspberry Swirl on the outside, a hint of Rose Gold, and a core of Peach

July Press Roundup!

National Ice Cream Month is always naturally our favorite, and July 2018 was no exception! Check out what the hip and with it influencers and journalists of Denver have been saying: We had the pleasure of hanging out with Kailin from cordiallyk.com on National Ice Cream Day! We love her rose-tinted Insta feed and fabulous lifestyle blog. Denver Life Magazine gave you a look at our Ice Queen Sandwich, a collaboration with our Denver Central Market neighbors, Izzio Bakery! Meredith Soy Photography photographed Felicity and Jeff's gorgeous wedding at Lyons Farmette; Big Pinky was present AND they had a silent disco! Everyone needs friends like these... Our friends at In Good Taste Denver did a

August's special: $5 Float Fridays!

This month, we're celebrating one of our favorite nostalgic summertime treats: the ice cream & soda float. Every Friday, we'll be offering them for just $5! We can make over 80 combinations, so while the classic Vanilla Bean with Rocky Mountain Soda Co. Root Beer is our most popular option, we highly recommend branching out and letting your imagination run wild! Our Tennyson Street shop manager Lauren recommends pairing our famous Lemon Ice Pop with Raspberry Swirl with Rocky Mountain Soda Company's Orange Cream Soda. Truck manager Heath prefers classic Root Beer with a twist - instead of Vanilla Bean, he loves our Brown Sugar Cinnamon in his float! Another favorite in our shop is our signat

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