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She's the bombe dot com

An Ode to the Summer Bombe:

Lemon Ice Pop, with your Raspberry ribbons

Wrapped lovingly around

Our world-famous Rose Gold:

A strawberry ice cream, with a hint of rose

White chocolate ganache, sprinkled in gold.


In the middle: sweet & southern style

Peach Cobbler

After August, I'll miss you so.

She's not just a cake;

she's the Bombe Dot Com.

Ok, maybe I'm not a poet, but wowieeee, if you haven't tried these 3 sensational summer flavors yet, you should really consider picking up one of our seasonal bombes before August ends! In case my disorganized poem didn't convey the sweetness within: it's Lemon Ice Pop with Raspberry Swirl on the outside, a hint of Rose Gold, and a core of Peach Cobbler. Available every day, at all 3 of our shops.

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