That bombe-ba-bombe-bombe-bombe!

Here at High Point Creamery, we have many mottos. One of them is, "Why eat cake, when you can eat more ice cream?" And, ok, we're not total cake-haters. In fact, we're pretty equal opportunity dessert lovers. But, what if it was a cake... made of ice cream... and then some more ice cream... with a little more - you got it - ice cream! Enter the Bombe. It's pronounced like, "That's the bombe!" "It's the bombe dot com!" - fancier looking than it sounds, until you dig into the cannonball-shaped dessert's origins. It's less fussy than a Baked Alaska, a bit more refined than your average grocery store cooler ice cream cake. A classic French dessert, the original bombe usually incorporated layers

Big Pinky's May Schedule

May 1: 12:30 Meridian office building 2:00 Summit office building 3:15 FAST office building May 2: 10:00 Civic Center EATS 5:00 Sweetgrass neighborhood May 4: 10:00 Aurora Food Truck Rodeo May 5: 10:00 I Want More Comics Free Comic Book Day May 6: 10:00 Walk for Israel presented by JEWISHColorado May 7: 12:30 Tuscany Plaza office building 3:00 TAXI May 8: 2:00 4600 S. Syracuse Ave. 3:15 900 S. Broadway 5:00 Vista Ridge neighborhood May 9: 10:00 Civic Center EATS 5:00 Washington Park Church of Christ May 11: 4:00 Peakview School Carnival May 12: Noon HRCA Back Country Shindig May 13: 11:00 Northglenn Food Truck Carnival May 14: 3:00 900 S. Broadway 5:00 Oakbrook neighborhood May 15: Noon 210

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