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That bombe-ba-bombe-bombe-bombe!

Here at High Point Creamery, we have many mottos. One of them is, "Why eat cake, when you can eat more ice cream?" And, ok, we're not total cake-haters. In fact, we're pretty equal opportunity dessert lovers. But, what if it was a cake... made of ice cream... and then some more ice cream... with a little more - you got it - ice cream!

Enter the Bombe. It's pronounced like, "That's the bombe!" "It's the bombe dot com!" - fancier looking than it sounds, until you dig into the cannonball-shaped dessert's origins. It's less fussy than a Baked Alaska, a bit more refined than your average grocery store cooler ice cream cake. A classic French dessert, the original bombe usually incorporated layers of meringue with ice cream. But - you got it - "why eat meringue, when you can eat more ice cream?"

Chef owner Erika Thomas attributed her decision to create a bombe for High Point Creamery a little bit to her French heritage, and a lot a bit to one of her personal mottos: "We don't make cake. We make ice cream." The bombe was her way of showcasing the vast number of combinations we can create with our fresh, unique flavors.

If we've caught your attention, you can pick up our seasonal or Death by Chocolate bombe in any of our shops today! Interested in creating your own? Stop by or give us a call; with 48 hours notice we can create the custom bombe of your dreams!

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