5280 Magazine... Day in the Life: HPC

5280 Magazine just published a "day in the life" article about Erika and all of her shenanigans as she swings between the roles of chef, manager, & mentor. Thanks to 5280 and Bill Giebler for this quick peak into what it takes to make the best darn ice cream on this side of the Rocky Mountains! (Maybe the other side too?) Click here to read the full article.

"BuzzFeed" recognizes HPC

"They have flights! For $9, you get five scoops of ice cream with your choice of chocolate syrup or caramel. It was the perfect size to share with my family." BuzzFeed recently named High Point Creamery as the most popular ice cream shop in Colorado. Thanks BuzzFeed! We like you too. Seriously, though... we are kind of obsessed with you, BuzzFeed, so we might have to print this article out and frame it :p See the list for all 50 states by following this link.

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