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August's special: $5 Float Fridays!

Rocky Mountain Soda Co.'s Orange Cream soda with our Lemon Ice Pop with Raspberry Swirl is the fruity, refreshing float you've been dreaming of!

This month, we're celebrating one of our favorite nostalgic summertime treats: the ice cream & soda float. Every Friday, we'll be offering them for just $5!

We can make over 80 combinations, so while the classic Vanilla Bean with Rocky Mountain Soda Co. Root Beer is our most popular option, we highly recommend branching out and letting your imagination run wild!

Our Tennyson Street shop manager Lauren recommends pairing our famous Lemon Ice Pop with Raspberry Swirl with Rocky Mountain Soda Company's Orange Cream Soda. Truck manager Heath prefers classic Root Beer with a twist - instead of Vanilla Bean, he loves our Brown Sugar Cinnamon in his float! Another favorite in our shop is our signature flavor, Basil with Blackberry Swirl, complemented elegantly by Rocky Mountain Soda Company's herbal and zesty delight, Elderberry soda. On the go and looking for more of a sipping drink? Any of our combos can be spun up into a smooth and sparkly jerk soda!

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