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#BigPinky's August Round-up

Oh where, oh where, will Big Pinky be?

Of course Cheyanne and Heath love their job!

- Every Wednesday at Civic Center EATS

- August 3: HRCA movie night in Highlands Ranch!

- August 5: Swallow Hill Music with our friends from Food Truck Row

- August 6: Tuscany Plaza, TAXI, Coheed & Cambria with Taking Back Sunday at Sculpture Park

- August 7: Meridian, Summit, and FAST office buildings, Hyland Greens neighborhood

- August 9: 900 S. Broadway, University Park neighborhood

- August 10: Food Truck Rodeo in Aurora with Food Truck Row, HRCA movie night

- August 15: Homestead Farms neighborhood

- August 16: Weatherstone neighborhood

- August 17: HRCA movie night

- August 18: Village of Five Parks movie night in Arvada

- August 20: Graebel and 900 S. Broadway

- August 21: 210 University Blvd., Regency Plaza DTC, St. John's neighborhood

- August 22: Washington Park neighborhood roundup

- August 25: Fairmount movie night

- August 26: Foxridge Park Community Fair

- August 28: Copper Leaf neighborhood

- August 29: TAXI

More dates coming soon...

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