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Spring: when nature awakens from its winter slumber, painting the world in vibrant colors and filling the air with the sweet fragrance of new beginnings!

How’s that for an intro? 😜 Check out our solid lineup of Spring Flavors below!

Butterscotch & Sweet Cream: A deliciously indulgent treat that’s perfect for those who love rich, buttery flavors. Generous chunks of butterscotch candies combined with our sweet cream ice cream make this a must-try flavor!

Cherry Miso with Chocolate: A savory-sweet delight with a rich umami flavor! Plump, juicy cherries and chunks of dark chocolate chips create a harmonious balance of flavors within our white miso ice cream. A dessert for those who love to taste new sensations, it’s one-of-a-kind!

Cookie Dough 3 Ways: A delicious riff on our popular Cookies 3 Ways flavor. Sugar cookie dough, Chocolate Wafer cookie dough, and classic Chocolate Chip cookie dough are swirled into an icing ice cream base. SO GOOD.

Dark Chocolate Espresso: This flavor favors the BOLD. The combination of high-quality dark chocolate and freshly brewed espresso creates a luxurious and sophisticated ice cream that we cannot get enough of.

Lavender Lemonade: One of our favorites this season (and for good reason). The perfect palate cleanser or a sweet, unique treat for special occasions or dinner parties, this sorbet is silky smooth with the perfect balance of tart and tangy.

Violet & Lime: Floral notes of violet ice cream combined with tangy lime and a rich cream cheese swirl are exactly what we want during the spring season. Imagine a gorgeous meadow day with fresh blossoms and the perfect picnic but in ice cream form.


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