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Spring 2020 flavors have arrived!

Which will you try first? 🤔

Key Lime Coconut: Who doesn't love a key lime pie? Ours is with a twist (ba-da-ching). Our killer coconut milk base punched up with key lime juice and lime zest. Cool, tart, and tropical. (Vegan)

Malted Ice Cream & Fudge: Inspired by a whopper, we've malted our ice cream and dotted it with creamy, dark chocolate fudge. We add the perfect amount of malt to our grass grazed ice cream mix from Royal Crest Dairy. The hot kitchen creates a creamy, rich dark chocolate fudge to mix in to the ice cream as it comes out of the ice cream machine.

Cantaloupe Sorbet: Cantaloupe. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Refreshing and full of melon flavor. Pure and Simple: We cut up four fresh cantaloupes for each batch of sorbet and blend into a simple syrup mixture (sugar + water). (Vegan)

Rose Water & Pistachio Cake: Our take on a middle eastern cake, but now in ice cream form. Lightly flavored rose ice cream with a house made pistachio cake swirled inside. You'll get notes of floral (rose), nutty (pistachio) and spice (cardamom) - you're in for a flavor journey with this ice cream!

Lemon Drop: Lemon ice cream spotted with house-made lemon candies. It’s a *POW* of lemon citrus goodness! We add just the right amount of lemon juice to our ice cream base and then swirl in a house-made lemon drop candy that has a perfect punch of lemon-sourieness flavor.

Moon Pie: It's out of this world! (Another dad joke?! Really Karin?!) Dark Chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and a honey spiked shortbread cookie. The southerners on staff are obsessed!

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