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Caramelized Apple Sorbet is BACK! Fall in a sorbet. Crisp, tart apples turned into a sorbet. Warm, tart and perfect for cool autumn evenings.

Cherry Cheesecake - a newbie to our lineup! Did someone say cheesecake?! Yep, a classic cheesecake ice cream with the perfect amount of cherries swirled through.

Chocolate Coconut is one of our OG dairy-free/vegan ice creams. A High Point Creamery coconut milk classic.

Dark Chocolate & Spicy Brownies is our famous Darkest Chocolate ice cream spiked with chipotle spiced brownies.

Joan's Pumpkin Pie - because it's not fall without pumpkin! Inspired by Erika's mother's recipe (hence the name Joan's pumpkin pie), a traditional chiffon pumpkin pie meets ice cream in perfect harmony.

Sweet Cream & Pear Coffee Cake is inspired by one of our favorite delights, coffee cake dotted with fresh fruit.

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