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Humans of High Point: Tennyson Shopkeepers!

Meet Theresa, our fearless leader (shopkeeper) at our Tennyson shop. With us since 4/20 of this year, Theresa's favorite flavor combination at HPC is Mango Coconut Lassi with Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Her hobbies include watercolor and crocheting - "I make one giant blanket per year," she said.

She is obsessed with her pets, a dog named Derek and her rabbits, Gilbert and Linda from Accounting.

When asked what she wants the world to know about her, she confidently told us, "Everyone loves me!"

Jackson is the assistant shopkeeper at Tennyson. A lover of our Ice Queen Sandwich with Coffee Bean ice cream and house made caramel sauce, Jackson has been with us since June 27, 2018 - our first summer on Tennyson!

He loves reading, sewing, and DIY home furniture - he recently built a shelf out of a ladder and a bench for his home!

According to Theresa, Jackson is passionate about matching his bandana to his outfit. A true Renaissance man.

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