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☀️ Summer flavors are here! ☀️

Without further ado... the 2019 summer lineup!

☀ Cornbread & Strawberry Jam: We make a traditional cornbread and then blend it into a buttermilk ice cream. After that, a simple strawberry jam is swirled through.

☀ Cucumber Lime Sorbet: Cucumbers are peeled, pureed and blended with the perfect amount of lime juice. So crisp, so refreshing. (And 100% vegan!)

☀ Dark Chocolate Orange: Dark chocolate with the perfect touch of orange. Just like a chocolate covered orange you get at Christmas time... Christmas in July!

☀ Funfetti: Who doesn't love sprinkles?! They were meant to be in an ice cream. Our hot kitchen team bakes up a funfetti cake and then we swirl it into a buttercream frosting ice cream. It's. Just. Fun.

☀ Mango Coconut Lassi: Inspired by the Indian drink, this refreshing blend of mango juice and coconut milk is a winner - and, it's vegan!

☀ Pink Lemonade Pie: Inspired by a favorite southern summertime picnic treat, pink lemonade ice cream is mixed with a graham cracker crust. Tart, creamy, refreshing. Perfect for the dog days of summer.

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