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High Point Creamery turns 5!

First - we won't be one of those blogs that tells you a 50 paragraph story before getting to a recipe, so let's jump right into the celebration!

On May 16, High Point Creamery will be celebrating its 5th birthday! At all 3 of our shop locations, we will be offering the following:

- Free $5 gift cards to the first 55 guests who make a purchase! (One per group; can not be used on May 16, 2019.)

- ALL DAY, our specially curated Original Flavor Flights will be offered for just $5! These flights will include the following original flavors, plus your choice of sauce: Basil & Blackberry Swirl, Blueberry Lemon, Brown Butter Pecan, Milk Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate Bark.

We can't wait to see you and celebrate with you!

High Point Creamery's Flight of Joy; From the Hip Photo, 2018

And now, a note from Erika...

The little company that could. Five years ago, we opened our first shop on Holly Street, having no idea what to expect. Would people show up? Would the ice cream be great? Do we have enough quarters? That first night, we had a line out the door and ran out of waffle cones by 7:30. The five years since then have been a wild ride.

We’ve grown to 50 employees, three shops, a food truck (Big Pinky), a catering cart (Li'l Woody), and a healthy wholesale business. Speaking of which: we are soexcited to be in every Whole Foods in Colorado! It was a dream of ours from the beginning, and to actually see our pints in Whole Foods’ freezers is a huge thrill. (I wonder if the Whole Foods employees noticed the people hugging and jumping up & down in the freezer aisle?)

We still make every ingredient from scratch in our little kitchens (we have two now) and make our ice creams one batch at a time. And while I believe our ice creams are the best in the land (full stop) - the thing that I’m most proud of is our company culture. Our employees are what make us great. They work so unbelievably hard; from making 65 batches of Cookies³ & Cream in a single day, to serving ice cream to the long lines that snake out of sight, and to washing towers of empty ice cream buckets that are taller than they are. They are genuinely excellent people.

You - our guests, our fans - also make us who we are. We think about you when we are dreaming up new flavors to surprise you. Or when we are thinking about how we can move the line a little quicker while also giving excellent service. We’re always questioning how we can be better, so we can better serve you.

Thank you all so much for a wonderful first five years! I can’t wait to see where we’ll all be in five more!!!

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