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Summer flavors have arrived!

Clockwise, starting from top left: Cherry Miso with Chocolate Freckles, Darkest Chocolate, Peach Cobbler, Lemon Ice Pop with Raspberry Swirl, Rose Gold, Mango Sorbet

Our seasonal flavors are always a cause for bated breath - will we bring back your favorites? Create something uniquely and oddly perfect from flavors you'd never imagined together? Our summer 2018 lineup includes the oft-requested Cherry Miso with Chocolate Freckles, plus old favorites like Lemon Ice Pop with Raspberry Swirl, our highly Instagrammable Rose Gold, and Darkest Chocolate. We’ve also introduced 2 brand new vegan offerings - Mango Sorbet and Cucumber Lime Sorbet... Read on for the delectable details.

- Cherry Miso with Chocolate Freckles: You begged, pleaded and took to social media to demand we bring back this crowd pleaser. We listened! For a limited time only, Cherry Miso has made its grand return. Don’t miss it, though, because it won’t be around all summer… we’ve got tricks up our sleeves yet…

Peach Cobbler starts with juicy, sweet Palisade Peaches.

- Peach Cobbler: The Southerners on our staff know it’s not summer without a peach flavor. Tuck into this decadent buttermilk ice cream swirled with peach cobbler and biscuit-style crust; we recommend it paired with Tin Cup Whiskey with Pistachio Brittle.

- Darkest Chocolate: This magnificently simple concoction combines Dutch cocoa powder, Ghirardelli dark chocolate and a splash of espresso to provide you with the richest, deepest fudgeylicious ice cream you’ve ever craved.

- Rose Gold: Because we wouldn’t be doin’ it for the gram if we didn’t include something that was Millennial Pink, right? This on-trend flavor doesn’t just look great, but the rose-scented strawberry ice cream swirled with gold dusted white chocolate ganache will light up your taste buds just like your ring light lights up your beautiful selfies.

- Lemon Ice Pop with Raspberry Swirl: Yep, this is the one and only! Featured on The Cooking Channel’s Unique Sweets, this labor of love combines our housemade frozen lemon pops into a tart, velvety lemon ice cream, through which we swirl ribbons of juicy, fresh raspberry sauce.

- Cucumber Lime Sorbet: We recommend this refreshing delight any way you like – from a cone to a cocktail, our Cucumber Lime Sorbet is the perfect treat to cool you down on these hot summer days! And, it’s vegan!

- Mango Sorbet: Sweet and tropical, Mango Sorbet will please adults and kids alike! Invited to a barbecue? You bring the dessert!

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