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Here's to hoping Santa makes a stop at High Point Creamery before coming down the chimney...WINTER SEASONALS ARE HERE!

Just in time for holiday entertaining, take a look at our '22 lineup below:

Chocolate Coconut: It’s been a while, but this dairy-free ice cream is back by popular demand. Its medium-bodied chocolate profile is sophisticated and refreshing, and it’s one of our all-time favorites. 🥥

Cranberry Sorbet: A combo of tart cranberries with just a bit of apple juice to round out the flavor. The perfect pint to pair with a holiday party cocktail! 🎉

Dark Chocolate Orange & Marshmallow: Inspired by chocolate-covered oranges that come in your stocking at Christmas (unless you're naughty), it wouldn’t be a High Point holiday without it! Dark chocolate is melted and blended with a cocoa powder orange extract and cream mix. We freeze this in our handy-dandy ice cream machine and then sprinkle in vegan marshmallows for added sweetness. 🍊

Hazelnut Cream & Chocolate: If The Nutcracker had a favorite ice cream flavor, it’d be this. Nutty & sweet, it’s exactly what we want to dive into after cutting down the family tree! 🍫

Olive Oil & Babka: A flavor we look forward to every single year. Rich, olive oil ice cream with the traditional Jewish pastry swirled through. A great flavor for Hanukkah and your tastebuds. 😋

Peppermint: Because you’ve definitely earned your stripes this holiday season, Peppermint is back! Pure-candy-cane-deliciousness from start to finish with this pink & white sweet treat.

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