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Safety is our #1 priority

During this unprecedented time, we wanted to take a moment to tell you what we’ve been doing to help keep our team and you safe. Updated 6/11/2020

In the kitchen, food safety has always been our top priority. Restaurants are one of the most highly-trained industries in food safety and disease mitigation. Additionally, both the FDA and the CDC are reporting that there is currently no evidence that Covid-19 is transferable through food. We believe that ice cream should be a bright spot in your day, and you should know that our ice creams are still lavishly crafted with love and attention, and they are extremely safe.

For our front-of-house crew, we’ve discontinued our self-serve water stations, and we have stopped offering tastings. We’re also limiting the number of people that can be in our shops to 4 people at a time. This ensures that we are complying with the restrictions on gatherings of more than 10 people, as well as allowing our guests to physically distance themselves 6 or more feet apart. We even have helpful markers on our floors to give you guidance!

Also, we wanted to address a very important question that has been asked of us lately: Why aren't your scoopers wearing gloves? First off, our process for scooping your ice cream has always involved "contactless delivery" between our scoopers' hands, the ice cream, and you. This has been a fundamental part of our food safety program since the very beginning. Our scoopers and kitchen staff do wear gloves, at times, when they are touching food as they are preparing it (making waffle cones, rolling out dough for the delicious cookies that go in our Cookies & Cream ice cream, or toasting nuts for our Brown Butter Pecan), but when someone is scooping your ice cream and placing it into a waffle cone, they only touch the cone with a napkin, and your ice cream is only touched by the ice cream scoop itself. Our scoopers are also taught to "choke up" on the cone as they are handing it to you so there is plenty of room for you to place your hand without making contact. But our scoopers are also washing their hands repeatedly and frequently while serving you. In fact, the Denver Health Department has visited all of our shops in recent weeks to emphasize that hand washing should take place after touching cash and after making contact with either a customer or another employee. Here's some additional information on this topic from the Penn State Food Sciences department.

Thank you so much for supporting us during these uncertain times! We hope to continue to be the highlight of your day. We love being a part of your community, and we know that we’ll all get through this, together.

UPDATE: On 4/3/2020, Governor Polis has asked all Coloradans to adopt a "strong mask culture". While he did not make it a requirement that food service workers wear masks, High Point Creamery wants to do its part to flatten the curve, so as of 4/6/2020, we have required all of our scoopers and kitchen staff to wear masks while they are working in any of our shops.

UPDATE: Here is our current protocol as of June 2020 -

We are taking every precaution to keep you and our awesome team safe and healthy!

  • Yes, masks are required.

  • Because of our small cafés, we still cannot allow in-house dining, but here are some seating options:

  • Holly: our patio is open!

  • Tennyson: we recommend César Chavez Park, across 41st Ave. from us.

  • RiNo: check out DCM's great outdoor seating options!

  • Did you know all of our menu items are available to-go? And, yes, that includes flights!

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