Basil with Blackberry Swirl
Blueberry & Lemon
Brown Butter Pecan
Brown Sugar Cinnamon
Chocolate Coconut (V
Coconut Crème Brulee (V)
​Cookies and Cream
Coffee Bean
Earl Grey w/ Shortbread Cookies
Milk Chocolate
Mint w/ Chocolate Bark
Salted Caramel

Salty Dog Chocolate

Tin Cup Whiskey w/ Pistachio Brittle
Vanilla Bean


Chamomile w/ Strawberry Swirl

Cherry Miso w/ Chocolate Freckles

Darkest Chocolate

I'm Peach Mint (V)

"Put the Lime in the Coconut Milk"

Strawberry Raspberry Crisp

Violet & Lime


​Inspired by a flight of wine or beer, our flights were created to show the very best that HPC has to offer. Ordering a flight gives you the opportunity to try out five of our superstar flavors. An extra bonus... when you order a flight, you also get to choose a side serving of one of our house-made, decadent sauces.


You've never had a shake or malt that is as rich and thick as the ones crafted at High Point Creamery. Choose any one of our delicious signature flavors, or pair two flavors together to take the decadence to the next level.

Root Beer and Cream Soda Floats are also available. These sodas can be added to our traditional Vanilla Bean ice cream, or if you are feeling a little adventurous, experiment with one of our many innovative flavor profiles.


You know what goes great with ice cream, a fine cup of coffee. We decided to get ahead of the coffee snob curve by offering Corvus Coffee. These local roasters are located just across town on Broadway. From bean to cup, our coffee is hand-crafted by artisans, just like our ice cream.

Ice Cream Bombes

A bombe you say? What is this...

“bombe”? An ice cream bombe is a molded ice cream dessert that has its origins in Victorian era France, ooh la la. 

We layer an ice cream, let it harden, then add another layer, let that harden, then top it off with another layer of our awesome ice cream. All of this then sets in an authentic copper mold from the 1960s.

Once the ice cream bombe is completed and frozen, it is removed from its mold and sliced like a cake to serve. We then drip on a little sauce and some nuts and...
Voilà! A little piece of heaven.
​ “Genius” you say? We think so. Labor intensive? You bet. Delicious? Absolutely!