Great news!!!  We've lowered the cost of our pints, both in our stores and online.  Now you can enjoy High Point Creamery for only $6.50/pint!!!


What's that you say? You want to order pints online?  Well, we've got some more good news for you.  We've lowered our shipping rates too!!!

Now we just need to figure out how to deliver ice cream via drone :) 
Order now!!! 

$6.50 Pints!!!

Are you yearning for something unique to give to your loved ones this year? How about the sweet treat that is High Point Creamery? We are now able to ship our ice creams world wide. (That's not true... you see what I did there, I lied.) Ahem. We are now able to ship to all of the U.S.! (Except Hawaii and Alaska... are they still states?) Anywho... Visit our store and pick yer self out some pints of love. 


Our Ice Cream

With lavish attention to detail and utilizing the freshest ingredients, we are determined to handcraft the finest ice cream this side of the Rockies... Well, really any side of the Rockies but we'll start there for now. 

Every bite has been lovingly crafted to a perfect bite of awesome.